Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Tea Presents

Something really great that I do sometimes is make tea and then forget that I made it.  I can't drink it right away because it's too hot, so I might leave it on the counter or coffee table or something and the sucky timez of this are when I forget about it and remember when it's gotten cold so I have to heat it up in the microwave.

But the BEST is when I remember I made it and find it again and it's exactly the right temperature.  Not too hot so that I can only take tiny sips but not quite on the road to lukewarm either.  This is awesome because a) it's like getting a present of tea that someone else made for me because I totally forgot the work I put into boiling the water and putting tea in the cup and b) it's not only a great tea present but it's tea that I can drink right away.

Tea is the best.  Coffee is sort of gross and makes me feel sick, unless it is good coffee from McQuarries or a real coffee shop and not Tim Hortons or Starbucks where they pump in sugar syrup so I can't even taste the coffee.  This year I became a little bit of a coffee drinker after not ever touching coffee during university except the one night I stayed up all night doing a thermodynamics lab, but it didn't really stick.  I'll drink it if I have a chance to have some good coffee but I won't drink it just for the sake of drinking something and getting caffeine.  Woooo

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