Friday, February 24, 2012

Etsy I love you

I just want to profess my massive love for Etsy.  If you don't know what Etsy is, it's basically a giant online craft fair/farmers' market.  And it's AWESOME. 

I discovered Etsy's seed section a while ago and it was basically the best day of my life.  I also got super excited about ordering a terrarium or some air plants but then realized that all the sellers of these items are American and can't ship living things to Canada - sad.

My engagement ring came from Etsy (check out the seller's shop, she's awesome!).  I was SO happy to discover Etsy shortly before we started ring shopping because the ring I got was basically my dream ring, and nothing I've seen on any other website or jewelery catalogue even comes close to it.  And according to Brahm, the seller was amazing to work with, suggested purchasing a moissanite stone (which we are both still super happy about), and worked with him to make sure the ring was delivered before our Iceland trip.  I've found the same with all the Etsy sellers I've worked with too - always fast, friendly, and helpful communication!

We're probably going to be ordering our wedding favours through Etsy as well, which is super awesome because we can still completely customize them but just pay someone a small amount to make them and do the assembly.  While I am into the idea of having customized favours I'm not into the idea of assembling 100+ little packets of stuff (too boring), so thank you Etsy.

Etsy is my go-to site now if I'm looking for a unique gift for someone (or myself, haha).  I love supporting handmade, and Etsy makes it so easy!

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