Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Two restaurants you need to give your money to - Part 2

Aaaaand the second restaurant in Saskatoon that you need to be eating at is Christie's Il Secondo, just off Broadway!

This place is a bakery and also pizzeria, and the best pizzeria I have ever eaten at by far.  This is probably the most authentic Italian pizza you are going to find around Saskatoon, and it is SO GOOD.

Honestly I am not that big of a pizza fan in the conventional sense - I HATE frozen, bready storebought pizza, I am not that into greasy, almost deep-fried Pizza Hut pizza, but Il Secondo makes me love pizza and want to eat it every day.

Picture in your mind a thin, bubbly pizza crust topped in fresh tomato sauce, real mozzarella, basil, pancetta, olives, and artichokes, cooked in a wood-fired oven so it's just the right amount of crispy.  Brahm and I both agree that this is the only pizza crust either of us has ever not wanted to just leave after eating the part with all the toppings.  Honestly - this is the best pizza crust I've ever had in my life.

It's not often that I am sad when I'm done eating pizza, but I am really sad when an Il Secondo pizza is gone.  We both kept saying "this is SO GOOD" over and over.

Now we have established that the food is amazing, let's talk about the service - it's counter service, but the staff is all very friendly.  We were pleasantly surprised the other night when, after trying to decide between two pizzas and then ordering one of them, the cashier approached us at our table and asked if we'd like to try half-and-half.  She definitely didn't have to do that!

They've also got a ton of delicious looking (and tasting) baked goods, and Brahm had an excellent and beautiful latte there the first time we went.

The only downside - they have weird hours.  It's really hard to go there for supper any other night than Friday or Saturday, and we tried to go about 5 times over the course of a year before we finally got in when they were open.  But it was worth it!

Pricing - the most expensive pizza which can serve two people, unless you both want to gorge yourselves, is 18 bucks.  Instead of ordering a whole pizza for yourself though I'd recommend sharing a pizza and one or two of the baked goods for dessert - there's a satisfying meal for two for under 30 bucks.

WARNING: once again, Urban Spoon reviews appear to be from people who would prefer to go to Boston Pizza (literally this time).  Don't listen to them, because they are redneck morons who probably sat there complaining that the crust was not stuffed with cheese bites that you could rip off and dip in ranch sauce.

Here's Brahm's review from the first time we went, which includes a picture of our amazing pizza.

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