Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Margherita Pizza, Coors Light YOU ARE THE WORST, and a CUTE FOX!!!

Remember when I tried to make a delicious margherita pizza but it sucked?  So I was going to wait until the summer when I could use home-grown fresh tomatoes and basil to try again?  That day came, my friends.  Behold the glorious pizza:

It was a small pizza using a pita for the crust but still a pizza, using fresh picked basil and about half fresh picked tomatoes and half farmers' market tomatoes, which still count.  Maaaan there is nothing like a real tomato.  That one purple one sticks out quite prominently though which is sort of weird.  Very delicious though.


Yes, because that would be douchey like saying "beer me" or something.

Ba dum bum CHINGGG

PS, now is not the time for a rant about Coors Light ads, but if it was, I would talk about how much I hate them and how sexist their ads are.  The worst was "As cold as your girlfriend when she found out about your other girlfriend" or something.  HAHAHA yeah because it is totes manly and super cool to cheat and/or keep secrets from your partner yayy yay Coors Light jokes about it so it must be not that uncommon therefore it is okay for men to engage in this behaviour ohhhhh I hate you so much Coors Light!  Why are you such a bunch of douchebags.  Please go out of business.


This is a cute fox I saw at work.

He had two other friends who were all hanging around so I was like "I need to take pictures of cute foxes!!" so I went and started snapping away thinking, everyone is going to think I'm a big girly loser for taking millions of pictures of cute puppy-like animals, but then I turned around and everyone sheepishly had their cameras out as well and the miners were all making kissy noises to try and get the foxes to come closer.

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  1. The thing you have to remember is that companies that use sex in their advertising basically cannot differentiate their product from that of their competitors.

    Once you start looking at all advertising through that lens, a lot of advertisers seem really sad and pathetic.

    I've enjoyed the occasional racy ad but it's usually because it was funny or unique in some way. Not just "BOOBS! PS Buy Coors Light"