Thursday, August 11, 2011

DavidsTea in Saskatoon!

DavidsTea is now in Saskatoon!  I've known for a few weeks that it would be opening soon, and as much as I love them I haven't gone yet and don't plan to go for a while because it's summer and I don't drink that much tea in the summer (I use my own herbs that I grow like mint and lemon balm to flavour water instead of drinking iced tea or other things) and it's pretty out of the way for me.

However, I wanted to mention something excellent about their customer service.  In January I emailed them asking if they were planning on opening a Saskatoon store and they replied and said they were still looking for a location.  THEN the day before the store opened in Saskatoon, I got another email from the same representative letting me know that the store was opening the next day!

I don't care if this person has folders of emails inquiring about store emails and copies and pastes the same email to all these people every time a store they're asking about opens, that is good service.  It was addressed to me by name and a reply to my previous email, not a form letter saying "dear customer, our records show you asked about a store in your location".

DavidsTea, I have always been impressed by your online customer service but this went above and beyond what I expected!

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