Wednesday, June 23, 2010

This Is Why You're Fat/Huge

One of the blogs I've enjoyed reading over the past couple years was This Is Why You're Fat.  I can't link it because it doesn't exist anymore.  If you haven't heard of it, in a nutshell it was a blog featuring pictures and descriptions of ridiculously unhealthy food, some actual menu items in restaurants and others obviously fan-created.  Think SNL's Taco Town sketch, in real life.

Anyway over the past couple months, posts on the blog had been pretty few and far between and a few weeks ago the blog was removed without explanation, other than a message from Tumblr that said it had been removed by the owner.  I did a bit of research tonight after remembering the blog and found some very vague answers on the blog's Wikipedia page - basically it sounds like the blog's co-creators were married/partners, the guy assaulted the girl, and my conclusion is that they had bigger things to worry about than continuing to maintain the blog together?

ANYWAY in case you were also a fan of the blog and miss looking at pictures of food that could probably give you a heart attack just thinking about it, an almost identical in content blog was started up shortly after This Is Why You're Fat's removal.  I'll be adding This Is Why You're Huge to my RSS feed!

Speaking of artery-clogging, when I was in Prague one of the popular pub foods was something called smazeny syr - fried cheese - basically a mozza stick the size of a large steak.  One evening it was served to us for supper as our only option.  With fries as a side. 

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