Monday, September 10, 2012

The Wedding

The wedding was pretty amazing.  I don't know what I really expected but it was such a great day.  I don't know if I would classify it as being a mind-blowingly fun party or anything but it was still an incredibly happy event.

The night before I couldn't really sleep, which I wasn't expecting to happen.  I wasn't really nervous but we had invited all of our wedding guests to our rehearsal dinner, which was held in Brahm's parents' yard, and at least 3/4 of the guests showed up for that.  It was like having two receptions.  That night I went to bed thinking about how much I love everyone, and it was hard to sleep.

Because everything was outdoors, we had taken a big risk counting on the weather to be good.  The risk paid off big time though - it was 25 degrees out with no wind and not much of a humidex, so we literally could not have had better weather.

The speeches were hands-down the best speeches I've ever heard at a wedding.  Sorry to your wedding, but these ones were the best.  Everyone took a lot of time to prepare (there was no "I just remembered I had to do this 10 minutes ago! So here goes LOL!" happening) and I still cry thinking about the nice things everyone said.

I think one of the biggest things I got out of the whole event, which was not really surprising but not something I was totally anticipating to feel as strongly either, was being reminded of how great our family and friends are and how much love there is in that community.  We didn't really plan our wedding with a "theme" but in the end, cheesy as it sounds, if you ask anyone, they'd probably agree that the overwhelming theme of the day was indeed "love."

We don't have any professional pictures back yet, and there are many little details I want to eventually write about - so think of this as an introduction to several post-wedding posts.

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