Monday, September 17, 2012

A Trip to an American Walmart

While in the US on our honeymoon, one of Brahm's missions was to buy a ton of Cherry Coke to bring back to Canada.  Cherry Coke is not bottled in Canada so it's a rare treat from down south.  To purchase this haul we decided to venture to an American Walmart.

As we parked the car, we wondered what we might find.  We'd always heard horror stories about the trashiest of trashy people being the main clientele at American Walmarts, so we braced ourselves for the worst.

However, I have to say that this particular American Walmart was maybe the most pleasant Walmart I'd ever visited!  Even the posh Stonebridge Walmart in Saskatoon is a good several degrees trashier than this one.

What was so great about this Walmart?  First of all, it was near-empty.  It was a weekend afternoon and there was surprisingly not the giant weekend Walmart rush we have at Canadian Walmarts.  It was impeccably clean and tidy, even though it was a giant store.  And best of all?  Several times I rounded a corner and almost cut off a stranger with a cart - and THEY all apologized!  As well, the clerk gave us a discount on our 8 cases of pop because she was "pretty sure they were supposed to be on sale."  Would that EVER happen at one of our Saskatoon Walmarts?  I can't picture it.

The myth of the disgusting, trashy American Walmart is BUSTED.  Granted, this was only one Walmart of hundreds, but still much nicer than any Canadian Walmart I've ever visited. 

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