Friday, September 7, 2012

The Backwards Driver

After an extremely delicious and filling meal at the North Bay Grille in Kalispell, MT one evening on our honeymoon, Brahm and I decided it would be in our best interest to go for a bit of a walk to aid in digesting our huge supper.

After a couple blocks, we came to a crosswalk and looked both ways before stepping onto the street.  We saw a bizarre sight coming towards us - a car driving backwards?

I blinked.  "Is that car coming towards us backwards?" I asked.  "I think it is" replied Brahm.  We decided to stand on the corner and wait to make sure this strange backwards car, driving at a normal speed, would yield to us.

As the car approached the corner, we caught a look of pride and delight on the driver's face.  Lucky we didn't try to cross because he came to a quick rolling stop and continued through the intersection.  A car full of teenagers followed immediately behind and also rolled through but turned the corner.  A police car, hot on their tail, rolled through as well and pulled over the backwards driver half a block away.

I'm not exactly sure what was happening but it made our night.  Was the guy trying to see how far he could drive backwards without getting pulled over?  And who rolls through a stop sign when there is clearly a cop behind you?  Apparently that guy and his teenage friends.

Sorry about the long hiatus here - slowly but surely I will try to get back into my regular posting schedule!

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