Friday, May 25, 2012


I saw a commercial this past week for AT&T.  I don't remember exactly what product it was but in the bundle it was advertising you'd get national (US) access to the AT&T Wifi Hotspot Network so you can basically have wifi everywhere you go.

THEN, to demonstrate how useful having wireless internet everywhere you go would be, it showed a scene of a family out to dinner together and one of the kids asked his dad some (extremely important, obv) question about a comic book character.  The dad was like "uhhh, uhhh what do I dooooo" because TV dads are always super dumb and don't know to say normal dad things like "I'm not sure, let's look it up when we get home" or whatever. 

BUT DON'T WORRY PEOPLE the daughter saved the day because she was able to look up the answer to this very important question on her LAPTOP, which for some reason her parents allowed her to have out at the restaurant while they enjoyed a family dinner, and the stupid TV dad was like "OMG thank you so much Anita, you saved me from looking like a stupid TV dad" instead of being like "Hey Anita, put that laptop away and have a conversation with us since we're buying you a nice dinner."

It was one of those commercials where I yelled at the TV, in case you haven't figured that out yet.  If you are a longtime reader you also have probably figured out that I yell at TV ads a lot.

My future children are NOT allowed to bring laptops out to family dinners.  Plus, mixing food and drinks and laptops on the same surface is generally not a good idea anyway.


  1. I concur with your sentiments. In addition to what you wrote, it appears as if the parents are not involved and defer to Anita and her laptop to educate the son. I am not fond of that commercial. I noticed AT&T created a follow up commercial to this one where the mother seems a bit more sensible.

  2. Did you notice on that same commercial that both parents were changing a light bulb? Hilarious. My wife and I love that ad for similar reasons as you mention. Whenever my wife does something nice for me I say, 'Thanks Anita!'