Monday, May 28, 2012

Air Plants!

I am pretty sure a while ago I wrote a post about how Etsy had such an amazing selection of terrarium-type stuff but none could ship across the border into Canada and I was so sad.  I was also sad because at work my office does not have any windows, and it's basically impossible to keep plants alive in it if because the air is insanely dry, and having discovered air plants on Etsy I really wanted to order some for my office because it seemed that these might finally be the mystical plants that I could keep alive in my office.

But TODAY, I found an Etsy shop that ships them to Canada, so I ordered a bunch!  I'm so excited.

Air plants are really weird plants that just sort of grow - they don't have roots and they don't require to be in water or dirt.  They're sort of like living pom-poms that you can attach to anything to make it look cool, and you just have to mist them once a week or so if the room they're in isn't humid.  But mostly they just absorb all the moisture they need from the air.

If you look up the Wikipedia article about air plants, they'll classify even things like orchids as air plants, however the kind you would get if you went to a nursery or searched online to order "air plants" are the kind pictured below, or more green, like spider plants (but they aren't spider plants).

Kind of weird, but also cool!  I can't wait to "green" up my dry office a bit.

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