Monday, March 26, 2012

Yogi Returns

Since my post where I first introduced Yogi, the cutest dog I know, I have received many more pictures.  These ones don't have a theme like the first set but they are still very cute and I'm sure you will love them if you love puppies.

Yogi turned 10 on the weekend so happy birthday, tiny dog!

 Yogi likes to squeeze in between a person and the couch.  The snuggliest dog!

 Obviously Yogi likes to sleep on people and things, like giant piles of blankets.

 KITTY how did you get in here!!!

Just a couple of laser dogs fighting over a duck I guess?  (This is Boson who belongs to my friend Danielle, and her friend whose head she is sitting on.  I know these dogs aren't Yogi but this is a post about dogs okay.)

 Yogi wants to sit at the table with the people.


Snow buddy.

Thanks to Jamie (and Brahm I think) for all the pictures!

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