Monday, March 12, 2012

Lime Yogurt: The Continuing Saga

Note:  the day after writing this I FOUND SOME LIME YOGURT at Sobeys so it really does have a happy ending, but I had already wrote this tragic blog so why waste it right?  Just know that you don't have to be super sad for me after all.

OMG okay you guys I am SERIOUSLY sad.  Remember how I was so excited about Oikos making key lime yogurt, because key lime yogurt is like my actual favourite food of all time?

So anyway, you would think that this is where the saga ends because my favourite food is once again available for purchase in my local grocery store so I can just go buy it whenever I want!  This should be the happy ending to the story of me and lime yogurt, star cross'd lovers.  BUT IT'S NOT.  The story does not have a happy ending.  The story has an EXTREMELY SAD ending and we are still star cross'd lovers.

On Thursday I went out to buy some lime yogurt.  I went to Sobeys, where it had been on sale, and it was sold out.  A little bit of sadness set in.  All I wanted was lime yogurt and it was the one thing Sobeys didn't have.  I remembered my sister telling me that some of the people she works with told her you have to go early in the morning because it always sells out.

After Sobeys, I went to every single other place I thought might sell Oikos lime yogurt on 8th St in Saskatoon:  Superstore, Co-op, Safeway, and even Shoppers Drug Mart and London Drugs.  NOTHING!  The only other store that actually sells it besides Sobeys was Co-op, and they were also sold out.

Sad and dejected, I went home with a plan to hit up Sobeys early the next day.  I was sad that I'd have to wait a whole extra day to get my favourite food, which I'd been looking so forward to for almost 2 weeks now since I last had it in Montreal.

The next morning, I got up early and headed over to Sobeys around 9 am.  The lime yogurt spot on the shelf was empty.  I asked one of the shelf stockers if he knew if they were getting more in.

"I don't even think the company can keep up with the demand for that yogurt, because we keep trying to order more because it sells out so fast but they hardly ever send us any" he said.


So I went to Co-op, hoping for a lime yogurt miracle, but it was the same situation.  Co-op sure had tons of strawberry yogurt though, which is gross, like who actually eats strawberry yogurt, how about NO ONE.  Hey Oikos how about stop making so much gross boring strawberry yogurt and make more lime yogurt which is WHAT THE PEOPLE OBVIOUSLY WANT.

I am now very very sad about this, because who knows when and if I will ever get this elusive key lime yogurt again.  What if the company is like "it's not worth all the extra work to keep up with the demand" and discontinue it?  I don't live close enough to a Sobeys or a Co-op that it's feasible for me to keep checking out the stock every single morning that I'm home, and from the sounds of it on the rare occasions that they actually do get any in stock, it sells out right away.

Unless I have a stroke of luck to be at the right grocery store at the right time, or unless Oikos decides to start producing way more, it is not looking good for me and lime yogurt :(

Just give the people what they want, Oikos!  And what they want is not strawberry.

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