Friday, March 2, 2012

Lime Yogurt: The Saga

You might remember this vague post, in which I celebrated the return of lime yogurt to the shelves of Canadian grocery stores.  But here's the thing about that lime yogurt that I found:  it wasn't the lime yogurt I was looking for.

When I was a kid and we got our dairy products delivered by the milkman (I'm not that old but we did have a milkman who drove a milk truck and delivered Co-Op brand milk products door to door), I always begged my mom to buy some lime yogurt.  It was my favourite, a thick, "set" yogurt that tasted so much like some sort of delicious ice cream that I couldn't believe it was healthy (who knows if it was).  I still remember being sad the day they changed the consistency and added bits of pineapple or lemon or something, because it was never the same after that and I just kind of stopped eating it.

Then on a few trips to the US growing up, I discovered an American version of lime yogurt that tasted just like the lime yogurt of my childhood, without bits of miscellaneous citrus fruit swimming around in it ruining the ice cream-like texture.  I always brought some back to Canada when I could, but lime yogurt was now a treat I only enjoyed every few years.

In my first year or so of university, I discovered that Astro was making lime yogurt!  Yesss!  And once again, it tasted just like the lime yogurt I remembered.  I got into the habit of buying a carton almost every week for a month or so until... THEY DISCONTINUED IT.  Right after I discovered it.  Sadness once more.

Since then, and I kid you not, every time I go to a grocery store I scour the yogurt shelves, hoping that someone has brought back lime yogurt.  Seriously, you might think I'm nuts, but I did this for years.  And that fateful day in October, I thought my searching had finally paid off.

But this new yogurt, made again by Astro, fell a little flat.  I think it might have been because it was just "lime" not "key lime" as have been all the best lime yogurts I've enjoyed in the past.  It only slightly satisfied my lime yogurt craving, and after a couple weeks of buying it, I just stopped.  It wasn't the same.  Would lime yogurt and I ever find happiness again?

BUT THEN!!!  As destiny would have it, I spent last weekend in Montreal visiting Brahm.  As he was making breakfast one morning, he mentioned that he had a craving for juice (which is not normal for him) and being really nice, I offered to run down to the grocery store (in his apartment building, hello dream life) and grab some.  While at the store I wandered down the dairy aisle because he was also low on butter, and that's when I spotted it: Oikos key lime yogurt!  (Yes, that is a strange commercial starring Uncle Jesse.)

It was the key lime yogurt I've been waiting for.  It doesn't even appear on the website (it was a 4-pack of not quite 0%) so it must be new... or possibly just a discontinued experiment that they're using up in Montreal.  I hope not.  It was delicious and I hope it sticks around for a while, because I'll be buying a lot of it.


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  1. Danone makes a Key Lime yogurt which is very tasty, thick & refreshing. There is a fight here in Salmon Arm, BC to keep it on the shelves in 2 grocery stores. It is called OIKAS greek yogurt by Danone. Is packaged with 4 cups with a picture of limes on the cardboard box. Found in our Save On & Askews's grocery stores. It is $4.99 for a box of 4 so I treat myself to once a day. Hope you have luck in finding it/some.