Monday, October 24, 2011 please die okay

One of my biggest social networking regrets is joining after I graduated high school.  Why did I ever think I'd feel the need to contact people through that site, especially only months after I graduated?  (Why did I ever think I'd feel the need to contact people I graduated with, is the better question...)

Because now there is NO WAY OUT.  I am stuck on for life, and in turn my name gets generated onto a bunch of copycat sites as well, so when you try to Google me I show up on all these LAMESAUCE social networking sites from the early 2000s with Comic Sans font, only one of which I ever made an account for, which I have been trying to delete since 2003, probably the day after I made it.

Overall, my online presence/profile is pretty excellent.  If you Google me I look really smart because pretty much everything about me online is from cool things I was written up for in university, or stuff about me with the company I work for now.  Then there are a couple dumb Facebook public posts from old groups I used to be in before groups were publicly searchable (and when groups still existed), and friggin'

Classmates - please get it through your head that no one wants to use your site anymore.  No one wants to pay for social networking.  So how about delete your site and your database and stop cluttering up my online presence.

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