Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Tim Horton's Iced Coffee

Okay so yesterday I commented that Tim Horton's Iced Coffee was the winner in the least amount of sugar competition for sweetened coffee drinks.

Today I sort of wanted a lot of iced coffee, and I have previously ordered the Tim Horton's variety and enjoyed it.  Today I ordered a large and YUCK, I seriously had to dump half of it out because I just couldn't drink it.  According to the nutritional calculator there is 20 g of sugar in the large iced coffee, but it definitely tasted like a lot more.  I honestly couldn't even taste the coffee.  SICK.

I'm not entirely sure if the iced coffees are being made differently since I've had them last, or if the increased amount of sugar in the large iced coffee (I usually just get a small or medium) is actually that much more noticeable.  But seriously, this experience has definitely turned me off of ordering iced coffees from there in the future, unless they just give me a cup of brewed coffee on ice and let me add my own amount of sugar.  BARF it was so gross.  I literally couldn't taste the coffee.  I want my $2 back.

EDIT:  I just remembered that McDonald's has dece iced coffee.  Or it did like 2 years ago anyway.  Note to self: go there next time I want iced coffee and can't make it at home.

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