Thursday, August 19, 2010

Corn Ice Cream

I'm not really that into corn as an ingredient.  I love corn on the cob and popcorn and sweet niblets (what a stupid name though) - I'm saying that I like corn on its own as a side dish, but not IN the side dish.  I don't really like corn in soup (although if the soup is good, I can tolerate it) or tacos or on salads or just mixed in with other things in general (KFC Chicken Bowls - baaarf), and the thought of creamed corn is almost too disgusting to think about.

I think it's the texture - corn kernels often have a pretty tough "skin" on them unless they are straight off of a young cob.  When corn is mixed in with other things, for example in soup or a salad or something, it's quite possibly going to be the last thing left in your mouth when you've already chewed up all of the other ingredients.  I guess what I mean is that it just doesn't seem to mix well and that sort of grosses me out.  It's got nothing to do with the taste.

So anyway a few weeks ago I started subscribing to a great food and cooking blog called The Kitchn.  I learned lots of great things from it already and tried a few recipes to great success... but today, The Kitchn royally grossed me out with this article.

"Trend Watch:  Corn in Desserts"

And then there is this SICK DISGUSTING picture of a cup of ice cream with CORN sprinkled on top!  Ughhh gross AND THEN EWWW there was a RECIPE for corn ice cream and it's a trend????  Hey trend, please don't come to Canada.

Yummmm hey guys do you know what would make this creamy ice cream even better?  If it had bits of FROZEN CORN KERNELS in it.  I better stop writing so I don't vomit all over my keyboard.

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