Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Mac's Frozen Dinner, Wildlife, and the Fort St. John McDonalds

I remember a few months ago when the convenience store Mac's (or Winks as it is known in some areas) started advertising its own line of frozen dinners.  I distinctly remember driving past the Mac's in Saskatoon right before you go onto the University Bridge with Brahm many times and making fun of this fact.  Do people actually buy enough frozen dinners from convenience stores that they could actually justify starting their own line?  We laughed and laughed.  Learn to cook, people.  Make Kraft Dinner or something.

The other night I found myself in an odd predicament.  I was in a very small town in northern Alberta with the closest major centre 40 km away.  All of the grocery stores were closed and the only restaurants were fast food and Subway, which I was starting to get sick of.  Did I dare go to Winks to try and find supper?

I did, fair readers.  I bought an exclusive to Mac's/Winks frozen shepherd's pie for $2.99.  I had sort of been craving shepherd's pie for about a week since not buying it in a cafe earlier and it was the frozen dinner with the lowest amount of sodium in the store (only 38% DV!!!  Haha oh man).

It looked prettier before I mixed the potatoes in with the meat and veggies but here was my hotel room microwave supper that night:

The surprising part is that it was actually pretty good!  It tasted like shepherd's pie.  Obviously a bit salty but still, it tasted like food and not freezerburn or rubber.  As well the ingredient list was pretty natural.  Who knew?

Mac's frozen dinners:  hopefully will never have to buy again but if I'm ever in the same predicament it would be my frozen dinner of choice.

PS - the next morning I ate lukewarm instant oatmeal out of a styrofoam cup with a plastic fork and got sick of the fork and ended up drinking it.  Then we moved into a kitchen suite and my life improved tenfold.


In other news, I saw this awesome goat on the weekend.  He posed for a picture.


And finally, a great quote from some of the kids I've been delivering camps to in the past couple weeks:

Instructors:  Hey kids, which city do you like better?  Fort St. John or Prince George?
Kids:  FORT ST. JOHN!!!!!
Instructors:  How come?
Kids:  (unison)  BETTER MCDONALDS!!!!!!!!!!!!

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