Friday, November 23, 2012


Shortly after Brahm and I got married and I moved into his apartment, we realized that I had a previously-undiscovered annoying behaviour:  I set traps.

I unwittingly arrange things in the cupboards so that when people open them, things fall on them.  I leave things on the floor that are tripping hazards.  And worst of all, two days in a row I didn't flush the toilet after pooping.

Some of these traps may come in handy if we ever get robbed, Home Alone style.  But right now, every time Brahm falls prey to one of my traps, I just feel bad about it.  Sometimes I am worried that I might set a dangerous trap, like leave a sharp knife somewhere that it will fall on his foot (I did something similar at my old house; put a knife in a drawer sharp side up and Brahm reached in and cut his hand.  I am the worst).  I realize I need to be more mindful about my organization and what I am leaving lying around, because while most of these traps are relatively comical in nature (AFTER the fact, obviously), I DON'T want to hurt myself or my partner.

This past week Brahm had been mentioning that he thought the milk in our fridge was going bad.  It tasted fine to me so we decided to keep drinking it anyway.  One morning after he had left for work I got a text:

"So unless you were boiling vinegar in the kettle the milk is definitely turning.  Had a glass for breakfast that seemed ok but it curdled and soured my coffee.  So gross!"

The previous day's actions came rushing back to me.  I'd poured a bit of vinegar into the kettle to scale it, left it sit for a couple minutes and... completely forgot about it.

I think I have a problem.

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