Wednesday, November 28, 2012

must have ketchup

My mom and I were having a texting conversation about how the weather was really nice in the morning, then got really cold.  But it wasn't as cold in Humboldt.  Then I told her I bought some Toe Warmers boots at Sears and then found a bunch of good reviews of them online.

Mom:  Ok but check the age the ppl reviewing too

Me:  I can show you them next time and if you think they look ugly I'll take them back but I think they're fine

Mom:  Ok Haha I dont know that brand were walking to Iga [grocery store] for bologna Its not too bad

Me:  Why are you buying bologna  [I did not realize my parents ate bologna]

Mom:  Luuuv bologna sandwiches Haha with ketchup Haha must have ketchup

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