Thursday, May 19, 2011

wisdom teeth change face shape

HAHA so I have always been interested in the kinds of things that my blog Stats page tells me, like what my most "popular" (i.e. more than 5 views) posts are and all that stuff.  Something especially interesting has been that my Wisdom Teeth Part II post has been gaining in popularity and always had referral links from Google Images. Once I tried to find it myself through Google Images typing in the keywords the referral said, but I couldn't find it.

But today I tried again.  Type "wisdom teeth change face shape" into Google Images and see what comes up.  If you are lazy, I will tell you that my dehydration picture is fast becoming the most popular image result on the internet for "wisdom teeth change face shape" which is slightly ironic since it actually does not portray anything to do with wisdom teeth other than another method of fattening one's head.  However a few images down you will find me again with my real wisdom tooth puffiness.

So while this blog has not yet taken on the massive popularity I'd hoped for (although I'm sure it will someday), I guess you could say I'm somewhat of an internet celebrity in my own right.  I'm the Wisdom Teeth Change Face Shape girl!  I'll probably become famous soon so be proud that you saw me here first.

And people of the internet actually looking for a wisdom teeth change face shape picture:  that one is not from wisdom teeth.  It's from dehydration.

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  1. Hahaha that dehydration comparison picture of you is the 5th Google Images result for "wisdom teeth change face shape"