Thursday, April 7, 2011

Pre-Summer Gardening

Last summer I grew a bunch of different things in pots in my front yard, and I want to do it again this year and maybe even expand!  I am really anxious to have a house and a real garden to plant things in, but for now a potted garden will have to do.

I am trying to be ahead of the game this year because last year I don't think I got anything planted until mid-June so things that needed a longer time to grow, like peppers, didn't fully develop.  Also, I have a lot of sun and so I am excited to grow some tomatoes this year too!  Because what is better than a home-grown tomato?  Basically nothing.

I actually decided that with the tomatoes I was going to go big or go home right off the bat.  I ordered some heirloom tomato seeds online and planted them indoors in a sunny spot today.  If this experiment works, I will be able to transplant them outside in a month or so and have delicious tomatoes in shades of pink, purple, brown, green, and yellow by the end of the summer!  If this experiment fails, I will go buy some seedlings in a month or so and work with that.

Here is my tiny garden so far:

I should also mention that it is sitting in the window on a TV tray (one of those folding trays that always come out at large family gatherings).  I already had a bunch of plants on this tray so I wanted to buy another one, but seriously I went to six actual stores the other day in Saskatoon that should have had TV trays and none did, so I am just going to move those other plants outside (parsley and mint and an orchid that is dying so I might have to throw it out) since it is getting to be nice enough to not kill hardy herbs.

I hope when I'm away that people in my house remember to water these plants so they don't die.  Either way I am just really glad that the snow is melting and reminding me to think about fun summery things like growing plants!

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