Saturday, April 9, 2011

The New iPad

The texts from my mom aren't as funny lately because she uses T9 now so doesn't spell out words using single letters and numbers anymore... but when T9 doesn't recognize a word, the combination of words my mom uses to represent it is awesome.  (For example when I was in Vancouver recently I received a text that said something like "you should walk up burr are duh" meaning Burrard Street.)

Mom:  Do think you should have the new i pad do you know anyone who has one

Me:  No I don't want an ipad I already have a laptop.  I know some people who have them but I wouldn't use one.  You wouldn't either.

Mom:  But I want one

Me:  Why do you want one, you already have a laptop.  It is pointless to have both.

Mom:  They just look cool ope raw has one

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