Thursday, September 2, 2010

Really WestJet???

I have generally always preferred WestJet to Air Canada - their flights are rarely delayed, they have nicer flight attendants, and nicer planes departing out of Saskatoon (Air Canada Jazz = the worst).  Today I was really annoyed to get this email:

Ugh, seriously WestJet?  I have actually made a lot of use out of subscribing to WestJet and Air Canada's weekly newsletters, but I don't want to give WestJet a bunch of my personal information so I can continue receiving it.  I'll just check the Air Canada newsletter and as they usually end up copying WestJet's sales and extending them a couple days later anyway.  And if I miss a sale at WestJet because I don't get the news until a few days later?  Sorry WestJet.  I guess you shouldn't have asked me to sign up for a stupid online profile to keep getting your newsletter.

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