Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Royal Wedding Fever

I went to the post office (aka Shoppers Drug Mart because do actual post offices exist that are not in drug stores anymore??) the other night with Sherri to pick up a parcel.  As I was waiting I remembered that I had recently used up my last stamp to mail something and, since it is always good to have stamps around, I decided to buy a package of 10 stamps. 

The post office woman was looking for my parcel in the back and Sherri and I perused the new "collector" sets of stamps.  There was one for the International Year of Chemistry, and being nerds, we were hoping I would get that set.  Although, perhaps the Christmas set would be nice, or even just the regular old flags or Canadian scenery or Queen Elizabeth faces would be fine.  But hopefully it would be the chemistry stamps.

So of course, we had no other option but to burst out laughing when the post office woman opened her drawer of stamps and gave me a package of THESE:

(Source:  Canada Post.  I didn't get the whole keepsake kit, just the stamps of Will and Kate that they are obviously trying to get rid of.)

So here's to a year or so of everyone I send correspondence to thinking I am a big Royal Wedding fan!

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